Electric Portable Heater. Commercial Electric Tankless Water Heaters.

Electric Portable Heater

electric portable heater

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General Electric T9V3C 12" portable

General Electric T9V3C 12" portable

Note the low profile Ferguson power transformer at the side to allow for 240V and isolated operation. The "Insta View" feature where fitted, runs the valve heaters at 50V in standby with the B+ disconnected. Unfortunately, the cabinet was never designed to have the extra transformer weight and cabinet cracking around the handle can occur.
Because of the transformer being in the way, the main electrolytic has to be moved off the PCB and screwed to the back of the tuner. Service access has suffered because of the Australian mods.
Broken channel knobs are also very common; unfortunately the local tuner requires more force to change channels.

electric portable heater

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