Auxiliary Car Heater

auxiliary car heater

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Reserved parking

Reserved parking

1985 Chevy Camaro Berlinetta street/strip project car

Small Block Chevy bored and stroked to 388
Holley 750
Edelbrock Air Gap Aluminum Intake
Edelbrock Aluminum Heads
Comp Cams XE274H
Edelbrock Headers and Y-Pipe
Summit Aluminum Roller Rockers
Accel HEI Distributor
Flowmaster Exhaust
TCI Streetfighter 700R4 Transmission
TCI Breakaway Torque Converter
Auxiliary Trans Cooler
Aluminum Driveshaft
Limited Slip Rearend with 1LE Disc Brakes
Lowering Springs
WS6 Sway Bars
LCA Relocation Brackets
IROC Rims with 255s in back
Autometer Gauges
Grant Steering Wheel
"AC Delete" Heater Box
Straight Pipe where cat converter was
Poly Trans Mount
Relocated Battery
DRAC calibrated for tires and gears
Dual Electric Fans

New Jetta

New Jetta

Hey, I may look like a dork, but I'm a dork with a new car.

2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI (Turbo Direct Injection—a diesel). I got the package #1 version since the heated seats are recommended for this engine (which takes a while to warm up—then again, there's an auxiliary heater in these brand-spanking-new ones). Of course, that package also had a number of other things in it like a sunroof and XM satellite radio (wow, that's definitely *not* CD-quality... so I might switch to a phatbox or something else instead).

auxiliary car heater

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